Why Should You Work With Us?

Tight budget

Without the website you do not have income

  • You want to create income, but without a professional website:
    • you are unable to showcase your services
    • very hard to spread your message
    • nobody trusts you
  • Modern, strategically designed websites do not have to be expensive

Our, pay 50% in advance and 50% after delivering the site approach helps to ease the financial pressure

Time is essential

You want to have a website done without delay

  • You have tried to create a website by yourself, but:
    • it takes forever
    • your time is more valuable
    • your are constantly interrupted
  • You have an outdated website, but it took forever to create it at the first time

Single page websites delivered in 2 weeks from receiving the approval of the final content

Fatures and Benefits


You do not have to pay the second half of the previously agreed price if we do not deliver your website on time.

We will create your single page website within 2 weeks and your multiple page website within 3 weeks from the approval of the final content.


You and your project is in the right hands with us. We have over 5 years experience creating websites and providing additional services.

You will be proud to show your website to you friends and clients too.

You will receive the compliments and the same time your business will generate more leads than before.


Finally you can have as many business email addresses linked to your domain name as you want. No limits.

You will be able to synchronise, send and receive business emails from your computer and your mobile devices.


Setting up a hosting account and your database can be difficult, but with our offer you can forget that.

Your website and content will be constantly monitored and maintained without any further expenses for 6 months. After that we charge an ongoing $10 / month.

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